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“Yurikago Smile” with Translation Function—Improved Convenience!

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Yurikago Smile is a mobile service for childrearing support that automatically creates a schedule for complex immunizations, and also provides other information useful for childrearing.
The language can be switched between English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean. Select the desired language from the top page. (Note: The service uses automatic translation provided via a program.)

◇ Main Functions of Yurikago Smile
・ Automated immunization scheduling
Appropriate immunization schedules is generated automatically by inputting your child’s date of birth and sex. It is also easy to adjust the schedule as necessary.

・ Notification e-mails
If you register your e-mail address, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification when the scheduled immunization date approaches. Since you will also receive information on health checkups for expectant mothers and child health checkups in a timely manner, it will help you remember appointments.

・ Bulletins and information search
Announcements from the city and information on epidemics will be posted. You can also check information about childcare and the schedule for childrearing classes easily.

◇ Usage
Access the Yurikago Smile website (URL: and enter the required information to register. (Free of charge)



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