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Have Fun at Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention/Genki Creation Plaza!

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This complex opened in April 2017 and incorporates many vital elements of the city, such as the SUBARU General Sports Center, Mitaka City’s central facility for sports activities; various other centers, including the Lifelong Learning Center, which provide opportunities for continuous learning to a wide range of generations; and the Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention, which serves as a temporary evacuation area in a disaster situation. Please feel free to enjoy these facilities!

Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention/Genki Creation Plaza

Main arena
◆ SUBARU General Sports Center
This facility is equipped with a main arena, swimming pool, small exercise room and training room, and can be used for anything from casual training to competitive sports.

◇ Individuals can use the center as well without application
Individuals can also use the pool, training room and running track, except when there are tournaments and other activities going on. In the spaces such as the arena and light exercise room, you can also enjoy badminton, table tennis, basketball, yoga, bouldering and other activities during the period for individual use. For details, such as about usage fees and schedules by activity type, please check the facility’s website (below).

◆ Lifelong Learning Center
This facility includes a hall with a stage and large screen in which users can hold lecture meetings, movie showings, etc.; seven study rooms that can host learning sessions and conferences; a Japanese-style room and a cooking classroom; and arts rooms with a pottery kiln.

◆ Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention
This expansive place for relaxation sprawls out over three areas: the Japan Radio Central Plaza, with a beautiful lawn covering the whole area; West Plaza, with playground equipment for infants and children; and East Plaza, with a multipurpose space and a citizens’ flower bed.

◆ Please use the website for Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention and the Genki Creation Plaza
The website provides information on usage methods, fees and frequently asked questions, etc., for each facility. You can apply to use various facilities and study rooms and make course reservations, etc., directly on this website.


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