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To Everyone Starting a New Life in Mitaka City

Welcome to Mitaka City! In this issue we will describe various ways of obtaining information to make everyday life in Mitaka City and garbage disposal procedures easier.



Guide to Living in Mitaka City for Foreign Residents (four-language edition)
Mitaka City has revised the Guide to Living in Mitaka City for Foreign Residents, which is geared for foreign residents living in the city and available in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean). The guide contains information on, for example, procedures required in various aspects of everyday life as well as emergency telephone numbers. It is available free of charge at the Civil Affairs Section (Municipal Office 1F), municipal office branches, Mitaka International Society for HOsPitality (MISHOP), and other places.
A digital edition is also posted on the Mitaka City website (URL: Please take advantage of this guide.
Inquiries: Secretariat and Public Relations Section, Ext. 2134

◆ Garbage Collection Days and Disposal Procedures
Garbage collection days vary for each neighborhood. For more information, please refer to the FY2019 Garbage and Recyclable Items Collection Day Calendar distributed to each household in March.
Dispose of combustible garbage and non-combustible garbage in the designated collection bags (purple) available for sale at supermarkets and convenience stores in the city and neighboring cities. The maximum amount of garbage per household per collection is 120 liters for combustible garbage and noncombustible garbage—placed in city-designated garbage bags—and up to three 45-liter bags of other garbage. Plastic items that remain dirty even after rinsing with water or wiping are collected in the designated bag on the collection day for combustible garbage (twice a week). Dispose of clean plastic items on the collection day for plastic items (once a week, free of charge).
Inquiries: Garbage Management Section, Ext. 2533



◆ Mitaka City Website’s Automatic Translation Service
To improve the flow of information to foreign residents and to supply information quickly about the city administration’s actions, in an emergency and other situations, the City website features an automatic translation service. Since it uses a translation program, the results may not necessarily be accurate. We will continue to improve the quality of the translation.

Languages: English, Chinese (traditional and simplified characters) and Korean

◇ How to Use This Service
Click on the language link button at the top part of the main page. (URL: You will be transferred to the automatic translation service’s user guide. Follow the guide’s instructions, and each page will be automatically translated for you.

Inquiries: Secretariat and Public Relations Section, Ext. 2134


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