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Check Your Health Once a Year with Specific Health Checkups!

Are you concerned about health-related matters such as your weight, blood pressure or eating habits? If you undergo a periodic health checkup to check your health and watch for signs of metabolic syndrome and other lifestyle-related illnesses at an early stage, you may be able to prevent illnesses or aggravation of illnesses.
The City conducts free specific health checkups for residents forty years of age or older who are enrolled in Mitaka City National Health Insurance. By all means, undergo a checkup within the designated period.

◆ Flow of Procedures for Specific Health Checkups

1. Checkup Slips Are Mailed Out
Health checkup slips are mailed out in specific periods according to your birth month to all residents who are enrolled in Mitaka City National Health Insurance as of April 1 and will be turning between 40 and 75 years of age during the current fiscal year.

Birth Month Health Checkup Period Slips Mailed Out
April–July June 1 through September 30 Already mailed in late May
August–November August 1 through November 30 In late July
December–March October 1 through January 31, 2016 In late September

2. Designated Medical Institutions
Specific health checkups are conducted at medical institutions designated by the City. A list of the medical institutions will be mailed along with the health checkup slip.

3. Undergoing a Specific Health Checkup
Please be sure to bring the health checkup slip and your health insurance card with you on the day of your checkup. If your health insurance card has changed, you will not be able to undergo the checkup.

4. Explanation of the Results
Please go and receive an explanation of the results at the medical institution where you received the health checkup within about one month after the checkup. If you are evaluated as having a high risk of lifestyle-related illnesses, you will be given information on specific counseling guidance.

Note: For information on specific health checkups for those enrolled in employee health insurance plans (including National Health Insurance Unions) as well as for dependents of such, please ask the insurer who issues your health insurance card.

Inquiries: Specific Health Checkup, National Health Insurance Section
Tel: 0422-46-3271


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