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Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention/Genki Creation Plaza

This site includes Genki Creation Plaza—a complex equipped with various center functions, such as for disaster preparedness, lifelong learning, welfare, health maintenance, child development support, and sports—and Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention, a spacious park of about 1.5 hectares. During a disaster, the entire facility will serve as a base for disaster countermeasures.
Location: 37-1, Shinkawa 6-chome
Tel: 0422-45-1111

Genki Creation Plaza

Disaster Prevention Center (5F)

 This is Mitaka City’s center for disaster preparedness, meant to ensure safety and peace of mind. The center uses a disaster information system that collects and summarizes information, such as the magnitude of damages during a disaster, and also functions as the headquarters for disaster countermeasures in an emergency.

Lifelong Study Center (4F & 5F)

 The center holds various classes for a wide range of ages. In addition, facilities such as the hall, classrooms and cooking classroom can be used as venues for educational and cultural activities.

Facility Usage Procedures
You can rent facilities such as halls, classrooms, computer rooms, cooking classrooms and meeting rooms for various purposes, including cultural activities, study sessions, conferences and lecture meetings. A group wishing to use the facility must complete register first before it can make reservations through the Mitaka City Lifelong Learning Facility reservations system. The usage fees vary depending on the facility.

Mitaka City Lifelong Learning Facility Reservations System

Welfare Center (3F)

 The Mitaka City Council of Social Welfare office handles applications for various loan services. The location also serves as an elderly welfare center where seniors can enjoy hobbies and friendly interactions.

Comprehensive Healthcare Center (2F)

 This center is designed to help city residents maintain and improve their health. It conducts health consultation services and health checkups, and also accepts applications for the Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenko Techo) and various medical checkups.

Development Support Center for Children (1F)

 This center has a play area for families with children up to three years of age, as well as a temporary nursery room for children between one and six years old. It also provides consultation and care for children with developmental issues, and support services for the family and for childrearing support facilities.

SUBARU General Sports Center
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Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention
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