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Community Buses

Mitaka City Bus and Mu-Bus (Musashino City community bus) serve as the feet of city residents and visitors. You can check their bus schedules and routes using the following 2D barcodes.

Mitaka City Bus Routes (6 routes)

Kitano Route (Mitaka Station–Kitano); Mitakadai/Airport Route (Mitakadai Station–Chofu Airport); Myojo Gakuen Route (Mitaka Station–Myojo Gakuen); Ghibli Museum Mitaka Route (Mitaka Station–Ghibli Museum Mitaka); Shinkawa/Nakahara Route (Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention/Genki Creation Plaza–Tsutsujigaoka Station North Exit); Mitaka/Sakai Circular Route (Mitaka Station–Musashi-sakai Station. Joint operation with Musashino City)

Mitaka City Bus Fares (One-way fare)

 Adults: ¥210; Children: ¥110 (For Mitaka/Sakai Circular Route, Adults and Children: ¥100 Free of charge for preschoolers. )

Note:You can use IC cards for transportation such as Pasmo and Suica for Mitaka City Buses and Mu-Bus.

Mitaka City website “Mitaka City Buses”

Mitaka City Buses QR code

Musashino City website “Mu-Bus”

Mu-Bus QR code

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