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Telephone Services

Installing a Fixed-Line Telephone

 To apply for telephone installation, you should bring some form of identification, such as your passport or driver’s license to a branch office of NTT. Besides a contract fee and outside installation fee, you must also pay for the in-house equipment installation. You can make an appointment for the installation at the time of application.

Inquiries: Tel: 116 (Toll-free)
Inquiries: Information in English (Refer to page)

International Telephone Calls

 To make a direct-dial call overseas, dial the access code (the code of the telephone company) first, then 010, the number for international calls, the country code, area code, and the other party’s number, in that order.
Example (When calling New York City):
Access Code + 010 + Country Code (U.S.) + Area Code (N.Y.C.) + Other Party’s Number.
 There are a number of telephone companies for making international calls. The access codes and telephone numbers for making inquiries for the main companies are as follows:

Telephone CompanyAccess CodeInquiries
Softbank Telecom00610120-03-0061
NTT Communications00330120-506-506

* Inquiry calls are toll-free.

Cellular Phones and Smartphones

 Cellular phones and smartphones are very popular in Japan, and they have many functions other than just the telephone. There are a number of cellular phone companies, and you can apply for a cellular phone at electric appliance shops, camera shops or specialty shops. You must apply at the store in person, and you will need your passport, as well as a credit card or your bank account passbook (and the seal used for the bank or your signature).

Free Public Wireless LAN Service “Wi-Fi Mitaka”

 Mitaka City provides this free public wireless LAN service, which can be used in the Mitaka Station south exit area, Inokashira-Koen Station area and Mitakadai Station south exit area (see the maps). Each connection is good for about twenty minutes, and there is no restriction on how many times per day you can log on to the service.

Usage Procedures
You must register to use this service.
(1) Adjust the setting on your smartphone or other device to “Enable Wi-Fi Use” in an area where free Wi-Fi can be accessed.
(2) Select “ilovemitaka” from the Wi-Fi networks that appear on your screen, make the connection, and complete the registration procedure.

Note:During a disaster, you can access the Mitaka City website and view emergency information even without user registration.

Information Technology Promotion Section, Planning Department (ext. 2114)




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