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Postal Services

Domestic Mail

 The postage for a regular size postcard is ¥62 and for an “ofuku” reply-paid postcard the postage is ¥124. The postage for a regular size envelope (weighing 25 grams or less) is ¥82. There is also “sokutatsu” expedited mail service, if you would like mail to reach its destination faster than regular mail, “kakitome” registered mail service if you are sending such valuables as cash, and “yu-pack” service for sending parcels. Furthermore, if you complete a change of address form at your local post office when you move to another residence, all mail addressed to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for one year. Please direct inquiries concerning mail and postage to your local post office.

Notice of Attempted Delivery (“Fuzai Haitatsu Tsuchisho”)

 If no one is at home when registered mail or a parcel is delivered, a Notice of Attempted Delivery (“Fuzai Haitatsu Tsuchisho”) is left in your mailbox and the mail or parcel is taken back to the post office to be kept on hold for a designated period. If mail is not claimed, it is returned to the sender. You can either indicate an alternative delivery date and place on the notice and drop it in a mailbox; contact the post office by phone or online; or take the notice and some form of personal identification to the post office to receive your mail.

Inquiries: Mitaka Post Office (Tel: 0422-44-6081)

International Mail

Regular Airmail Postage

 Postage varies according to the following categories of areas, and according to the weight of the mail.
Area 1―Asia
Area 2―North America, Central America, Australia, Middle East and Europe
Area 3―South America, Africa.
For example, a letter (regular size sealed envelope weighing 25 g) requires ¥90 postage for Area 1, ¥110 postage for Area 2, or ¥130 postage for Area 3.

Inquiries: Tokyo International Post Office, Tel: 0120-5931-58
Inquiries: Postal Information in English, Tel: 0570-046-111

Home Delivery

 There are also private companies that deliver parcels both in Japan and overseas. You can take your wrapped parcel to an agent for the delivery company, such as a convenience store, and complete the delivery form. You can also request a pick-up if you call the home delivery company. These delivery services in Japan are known as takuhai-bin.

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