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Consumer Life and Pets

Consumers’ Center

Location:22-7, Shimorenjaku 3-chome
Tel: 0422-43-7874

 The Consumers’ Center is a facility that serves as a center for various programs related to consumer life for all residents.

Consumers’ Advisory Counter

 Consumer specialists are available to handle complaints and problems concerning consumer life. If, for example, you would like to cancel a contract for a purchased item, are having trouble resolving problems with the local dry cleaner, are having financial difficulties from having spent too much money with your credit card, or are facing other problems in daily life, then take advantage of this advisory service.

Hours:Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding lunch hour [from 12 noon], national holidays and the year-end/New Year holidays)

Inquiries: Livelihood and Economy Section, Living Environment Department (ext. 2545) or Consumers’ Center (Tel: 0422-43-7874)

For Those with a New Pet Dog

 All pet dogs 91 days old or older must be registered once in their lifetime and vaccinated against rabies once a year under the Rabies Prevention Law. Registration can be done at the Civil Affairs Section (General Counter) or at any branch office. The fee is ¥3,000 per dog. For vaccinations against rabies (kyoken-byo yobo-chusha), have your pet vaccinated at your local veterinary clinic and receive a vaccination certificate; then bring the certificate to the Civil Affairs Section (General Counter) or any branch office to obtain a rabies vaccination slip and tag. You must pay a fee of ¥550.

Inquiries: Environmental Policy Section, Living Environment Department (ext. 2524)

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