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 Everyone who lives in Japan, regardless of nationality, is obligated to pay taxes. Taxes can be generally divided into two categories — national tax and local tax. Taxes that are levied on an individual’s personal income include the “shotoku-zei” income tax (national tax) and “jumin-zei” resident’s tax (local tax).

Income Tax (Shotoku-zei)

 Income tax is the tax that is levied on an individual’s annual income. Every year, taxpayers must file an income tax report (Kakutei Shinkoku) anytime between February 16 and March 15 at the Musashino Tax Office for the income earned the previous year. However, salaried employees do not need to file an income tax report unless their salary is above a designated amount, or if they have other income beside their salary.

Resident’s Tax (Jumin-zei)

 Resident’s tax is a combination of city resident’s tax (shimin-zei) and metropolitan resident’s tax (tomin-zei). It is borne paid by the people living in the local community as a community expense to cover the cost of administrative services provided by the city and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Resident’s Tax Report

 The following persons must file a resident’s tax report with Mitaka City no later than March 15. However, those who file an income tax report with the tax office and those who are salaried employees of companies that file a wage payment report do not need to file a resident’s tax report.

  1. Those who lived in Mitaka City on or as of January 1
  2. Those who do not live in Mitaka City but have an office, business, or property in the city on or as of January 1

Resident’s Tax Amount

 The resident’s tax includes an income ratio amount according to the income earned during the previous year as well as a per-capita amount. Those who fall under the abovementioned category (1) must pay both the income ratio amount and a per-capita amount, while those who fall under the abovementioned category (2) must pay only the per-capita amount.
 Mitaka City determines the resident’s tax amount, and collects the city resident’s tax together with the metropolitan resident’s tax. Mitaka City pays the metropolitan resident’s tax to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Note: Even if you move out of Mitaka City on or after January 2, you must pay Mitaka City taxes.

How to Pay Taxes

 The resident’s tax notice is mailed to your home in June every year. You must pay the tax in four installments using the invoices enclosed with the notice. (This excludes salaried employees whose taxes are deducted from their salary each month.) The Light Motor Vehicle Tax notice is mailed in May every year.
 Please pay your taxes before the deadline. Please note that if you miss the deadline, a delinquency charge will be added to your tax.
 You can pay your taxes at one of the financial institutions indicated on the back of the tax notice, any JP Bank and post office, the Mitaka Branch of Mizuho Bank, the Mizuho Bank branch located inside Mitaka Municipal Office, any branch municipal office, or at major convenience stores throughout the country (for payments of up to ¥300,000). In addition, you can pay through automatic teller machines (ATMs) using the “Pay-easy” function, or via Internet banking and mobile banking.

Please contact the Tax Collection Section in any of the following cases:

  • If you are unable to pay your taxes by the deadline
  • If you would like your taxes debited from your financial account
  • If you are leaving Japan

Payment by automatic bank account debit

 Please complete the designated procedures at a financial institution that handles public money (excluding Japan Post banks) or at the Tax Collection Section counter (please bring your tax notice, seal and bankbook). Payment by automatic debit will start about forty days after the date you apply.

Inquiries: Tax Collection Management Subsection, Tax Collection Section, Civil Affairs Department (ext. 2413)

Tax Certificates

 Tax payment certificates for income tax are issued at the Tax Office where the income tax report (Kakutei Shinkoku) was filed, while tax payment certificates and taxation certificates for resident’s tax are issued at the Tax Collection Section, Municipal Tax Section, Civil Affairs Section, or any branch office.

Inquiries: Tax Collection Management Subsection, Tax Collection Section, Civil Affairs Department (ext. 2413) or Municipal Tax Subsection, Municipal Tax Section, Civil Affairs Department (ext. 2342) or Notification and Certification Subsection, Civil Affairs Section, Civil Affairs Department (ext. 2326), or Musashino Tax Office (Tel: 0422-53-1311)

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