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National Pension (Kokumin Nenkin)

 Everyone living in Japan who is between 20 and 59 years of age enrolls in the National Pension system and pays premiums to prepare for senior life and handicaps. This is the case for foreign residents as well. Please complete enrollment procedures at the General Affairs and Pension Subsection of the Civil Affairs Section.

Pension Benefits

 As a general rule, those who have paid pension premiums or have been exempted from payment for a total of 10 years or longer until 60 years of age, may receive a Basic Pension for the Elderly from 65 years of age. There are also other benefit systems, such as Basic Pension for the Handicapped, Basic Pension for the Bereaved Family, and Death Lump-sum Benefit. Foreign residents who are staying in Japan for the short-term and have paid National Pension premiums for six months or longer but are not eligible to receive a Basic Pension for the Elderly may apply to receive a Lump-sum Withdrawal Benefit within two years after losing his/her address in Japan.

Inquiries: General Affairs and Pension Subsection, Civil Affairs Section, Civil Affairs Department (ext. 2394)

Inquiries: Musashino Pension Office (Tel: 0422-56-1411)

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