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Mitaka City Volunteer Interpreter/Translator Service Program

The Mitaka City Volunteer Interpreter/Translator Service Program, conducted by the joint efforts of Mitaka City and the Mitaka International Society for Hospitality (MISHOP), offers volunteer interpreting/translating services for foreign residents who live or go to school in Mitaka City and are having difficulty with procedures at the Municipal Office because they do not speak Japanese, so that they can lead their lives comfortably and without worry as residents of Mitaka City.  Services are available in 13 languages, including English and Chinese.

Depending on the content, you may not be able to use these services. The person who requests the services must also pay the volunteer’s travel expenses.

Volunteer Interpreter/Translator Service Use Procedures

  1. Those who would like to use the Mitaka City Volunteer Interpreter/Translator Service Program (applicant) should apply with MISHOP by telephone or fax.
  2. MISHOP will look for a volunteer based on the language and type of services (subject) needed, and describe the needs of the applicant to the volunteer.
  3. The volunteer will contact the applicant directly.  At that time, the applicant and volunteer will confirm the details, such as the type of services (subject) needed, time and location.
  4. The applicant will use the interpreting/translation services on the appointed date.

 Inquiries: MISHOP  Tel: 0422-43-7812; Peace, Equal Opportunities for Women and International Issues Subsection, Planning Management Section, Planning Department (ext. 2115)

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